Week 13 by Kaylie Cole

I’m so not ready for this semester to be over. It’s so sad. I’ve made some great friends and it’s going to be weird not seeing them for a month. But I’m also so very excited to see my family and friends back home. I love the holidays and all the cheer that comes along with them. 

My mom is letting my roommate and I shadow her at her workplace over Christmas break I believe. Both my roommate and I plan on going Soc- Crim so it’s pretty exciting to see the place where we could either work or send the criminals we catch too. My parents work in Belmont County Corrections Prison by the way. 

I got a B on my Psych test! I was hoping for an A, but with my extra credit points I should still be able to get an A if I get at least B on the final. 

Also I’m too excited to see Catching Fire Thursday night! You couldn’t get me to read a book if my life depended on it, but I read the Hunger Games books. So I’m so excited! 


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