The Blog Frog, folks by Victor


Hello again to you folks from week something of living here at college. I am currently sitting in bed, if you were wondering. Yes, I live life on the edge, folks.

I’m out of things to say at this juncture, folks, other than the fact that I’m also out of money but can’t seem to stop spending it on things I don’t need, like bags of candy corn and water and tampons. Whoops did I just say that out loud? Its fine, I don’t really care what you folks think of me.

Yes, I’m hilarious. Lucky for you I’ll be around all year, folks. In fact, some folks have asked me to perform comedy, to which I replied, “Do I seem like the type of folk to try to make folks like you laugh? Sorry, folks, but I’m just not that kind of folk.”

See you folks next week, folks.

God that’s annoying.



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