I thought this vine was cute.
This week was pretty much like last week? Because I put off all my work until the last minute and managed to get it done in time. I just finished an essay 15 minutes ago, actually.
I’ve been going to the Athena a lot more, since I like indie films and that sort of thing. Plus, taking night walks is really calming with some nice music playing. I lived in a suburb of Cleveland, so getting to see a lot more stars at night has been really nice. The sky is a lot clearer, I’ve never seen the night sky that clear in person.
I met up with some high school friends I totally forgot are going to OU right now, and we’ve had dinner together the past couple nights. I haven’t really kept up with many high school friends, though. Best friends aside, I’m not really feeling a whole lot of the relationships I had in high school. College feels a lot better.
I hope everyone had a stellar week!


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