Honest to Blog by Liz Haught

Over the weekend I went to Canada with my dad and my best friend Ian. We stayed at the Windsor Caesars. I gambled away $80 and Ian won $120. It was very fun. Even though there have been recent controversy over boarder patrol in the US, it was actually easier to get back into the US than it was to get into Canada. Little did they know, I actually was smuggling in pounds and pounds of black tar heroin. I’M KIDDING OF COURSE! Anyways, I found out who my big was for my frat on Thursday and I was really excited because it was the person that I wanted. This weekend I’m also doing things with my frat. We have a 5k on Saturday and we are going to that course thing at the ridges on Sunday. It should be just greaaaaattt. You’re welcome.


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