You know, I should probably be starting my 1200-word paper that’s due tomorrow right about now. Probably.

Instead I’m watching this video and writing out this blog post I admittedly forgot about until now.
I’m feeling about the same as I did last night when I was reading the history chapters over again until about one in the morning. ALTHOUGH, I did have a pretty nice weekend. My parents rented a cabin (sort of seemed straight out of Deliverance, but I’m not picky) and I got to use a hot tub! Then we went to see Second City at Memaud, which was hilarious. Other than that, I can’t say I did much this week. Mostly studying, this week was kind of full of that. To be fair, though, I did have well over a week to both study and write this essay, but apparently watching a bunch of vines was more important than that.
Keeping this short because I really do need to work on my essay, but I hope everyone had a good week and that they did well on the history test!


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