Hi kids. Here are some more pieces of wisdom from your main man Victor.

Hi again from Ohio University, where I am currently putting off writing a paper at the library by doing this blog thing. It’s probably the most wisely I’ve ever used my time while procrastinating. I’m mature. 

Also onto week three of my Big Mamma’s addiction. I’ve been sick, so my consumption isn’t what it could have been, but I think I can pick up the pace this week. Wish me luck!

In other news, the fire alarm keeps going off in my dorm while I’m like 3 seconds away from sleep and that’s really pissing me off. Apparently its too complicated to just put water in your mac and cheese. Use ya brain kids.

I’ve decided I don’t like studying for history tests which isn’t really news but I’m running out of things to say and I really don’t want to get back to writing this paper so this is going to be a huge run-on sentence but I also don’t care that much because I’m hungry and bored and need something to take up my time so I picked this instead of my nose.

Have a nice weekend.

-Dr. NiroImage


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