Fifty Shades of Mikayla

So I guess my week has been okay. On a scale of snickers to batman it’s probably been like a McDonalds happy meal. Not much has happened, the history test was okay considering I chose to sleep instead of study and seeing as I dreamt about being a mermaid, I’m not too upset. Oh I did finally decide to shave half my head and I do admit that it is a struggle not going Miley Cyrus and just attempting to rock a short cut all over, although it may happen, because why the hell not?  Also there are puppies all over campus these days and it’s really upsetting me because we can’t have anything except fish. What am I supposed to do with a fish? Fish can’t cuddle. You can’t put a fish on a leash and frolic through fields of spring flowers with them. It’s very disappointing. But all in all it was solid happy meal kind of week.


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