This past week there has been a lot going on. I had my first meetings for the Margaret Boyd Scholars Program. This is the first year for this program at OU and I’m so excited for it! It is a very selective program; they only choose 20 freshmen girls. So if everyone could cross his or her fingers for me please that would be awesome.

Although I did not get to see my parents this weekend I did get to see my cousin and grandma which was nice. I also got to watch another one of my little cousin’s soccer games on Saturday, which I enjoyed because I love soccer. Speaking of soccer I actually had my first game on Sunday. I haven’t played since high school so I have been so sore! We won our game 2-1 and I scored both of the goals so that was really exciting.

I’ve still been working a lot, which is fine. I’m really glad I got a job here I’ve made so many friends with all the people I work with. Fall is approaching so we spent all day decorating our office for Halloween! I love decorating for holidays it’s one of my favorite things to do when I’m at home. My mom and I usually decorate together so it was nice being able to do some of that stuff here since I am not able to be home and do it.


Our lovely Halloween decorations at work





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