Sam Heckle

This weekend I went home with my brother and visited my family and friends.  It was really good to see everyone again, and i missed my two wiener dogs and my cat.  Friday my parents cooked us huge steaks, and it was good to finally get a break from all the dining hall food.  Saturday I hung out with a bunch of my friends that go to UC, and Sunday me and my brother came back to Athens. On Sunday me and my brother watched the new episode of Breaking Bad which was insane!!  This school week has gone by really fast, but I’m looking forward to the weekend.  

The majors fair was a really good experience it helped me find a few classes that i might be interested in taking, like an astronomy class. The fair was really crowded and it was hard to see everything that the fair had to offer but i feel like I saw a lot of different and interesting majors.  Everyone at the majors fair was very helpful with trying to help you find out what would be a good fit for what you would like to do with the rest of your college, and eventually a career.


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