My Week and The Major’s Fair-Nora Kornelakis

This past week went by so fast. When I was in high school almost every week seemed to be dragged out. I have been working everyday except for Thursdays. Like I said last week I don’t really mind it because the people I work with are awesome, although waking up at 6:45 every morning is getting pretty old.

            I had a pretty low-key weekend. One of my really good friends I met on my floor was rushing a sorority so she wasn’t allowed to go out so I stayed and hung out with her. It was probably a bad idea hanging out with her because she introduced me to Whits for the first time. Let’s be honest though we knew this day was going to come sooner or later. It’s safe to say I’m already obsessed with it. While I’m on the topic of food I’m just going to vent real quick about tired I am of the dining hall food already.

            Now what we have all been waiting for, The Major’s Fair! It was a little too crowded for my liking but overall I thought it went real well. I visited A TON of stands. I’m pretty sure I went to almost all of the stands just for the free stuff, but don’t worry I actually found 3 that were especially interesting. My absolute favorite one though was the fashion-merchandising stand. I have always been interested in art and design but not always for clothing. I thought if you did fashion merchandising that it strictly had to be clothing so I was thrilled to find out otherwise. I’m happy I went to the Major’s Fair and I’m definitely thinking about going to the Career Fair this upcoming week as well. 



I’m really bad at saying “No” to all of the brochures…



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