Jamie Sedlacko

Ignoring the psych test, my week was alright. I had some good conversations with faculty during the majors fair, some of my professors were even there. After going, I decided that taking some history, english, and science classes would be interesting for me, maybe some affiliated with Media Arts and Classics and World Religions. I got there pretty early, but the room filled up fast, mostly with high schoolers. The staff were all very patient and willing to answer my questions, though. And several I didn’t ask. I got the feeling they really liked to hear themselves talk, so I asked a bunch of questions. I think it helped me figure out where I should apply myself both academically and with volunteer work.

This weekend I got a better feel for the campus by taking my bike around a lot of the bike paths while it was still warm, but not too hot. I went pretty early in the morning on Saturday, so it wasn’t too busy, but the campus is even more gorgeous is the early morning.

I’ve been calling my parents on FaceTime pretty often but I’m pretty sure they only ever call me so they can get someone on their side when they’re fighting about something. At least they let me see my dog.


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