Fuzzy Pickles – Nolan Podmore

This entry really has nothing to do with fuzzy pickles I just thought it was a funny way of grabbing your attention and getting you to read about my visit to the majors fair.  The fair was really crowded and it was really hard to get to the tables that I wanted to get to.  However I managed to fight my way to the sociology, history, physical education, and sports management tables.  My favorite tables were the physical education and sports management tables.  I liked these because I am really into sports and I have looked into the sports management major before and it was really nice to learn some more about it.  I also enjoyed the physical education table because I got to learn about basically becoming a gym teacher.  I actually found this interesting because I love sports and I love kids so its pretty much a match made in heaven.  Overall the fair was pretty cool and I’m glad I went.


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