The majors fair proved to be a bust in the eyes of myself. The strangeness, and how unaccustomed I was to the whole process left me worried and confused. I did talk to unique character, a Mr. David Tees. I was wondering aimlessly through the fair when a russian woman was making a silver circle levitate. My first thought was witchcraft. My second thought was witchcraft. But she addressed me in a amiable tone so I gave her a chance. She was from the Physics department and she introduced myself and Mr. David Tees. He reminded me of the band director version of Bill Nye the Science Guy-if that makes sense. He was joyful and passionate in his work. He enlightened me about the the physics department and was genuinely interested in what I had to say. I did not get this feeling from the other mates I chatted with. I was not a fan of physics in high school but was a math wisdom. Mr. David Tees briefed me that higher math is the major part of physics. I’m still not any closer to finding a major. My RA was also at the majors fair and gave a spiel about the Fine Arts Department. I plan on following up on this and maybe, possibly, hopefully, maybe finding a potential career.



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