My week and of course the Majors Fair!

Well to start this week off, I had a great weekend. I went home on Friday night to see my sister cheer at a football game as a senior. But of course I came back here to Athens on Saturday, I couldn’t miss the Marshall game! I’m a huge football fan if you couldn’t tell. But then of course Sunday was full of sleeping in and the homework I didn’t do Friday. 

Monday was more cramming for the Psychology test we had today, on Tuesday. I felt prepared for it, which was a good feeling knowing how much information we had to retain. Monday night I had my first softball practice, which went really well. But other than that, my Monday went pretty slow.

Tuesday however, dragged on and on and on. I woke up early to get some last minute studying in for Psychology and finished up a few other assignments to get ahead. Also, today I attended the Majors Fair. I actually found the fair to be really helpful and I enjoyed it. I gained a lot of useful information. At first I thought I wanted to major in Criminal Justice with a minor in Psychology, but now I’m leaning towards the double major of Criminal Justice and Sociology. But I’m also interested in Special Education and Athletic Training as well. I know, I have a lot of decisions to look forward too. But what I found most useful were the papers that had the classes someone had to take in order too get the degree. I liked that because I could see what my future classes would be like even as a senior. But also today I had my first exam of the semester in Psychology. Which I was pretty excited about because I like learning about all of that stuff. I feel pretty good about the test too!

Kaylie Cole


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