So OU, it’s pretty cool I guess.  There are lots of cool things to do around here.  My favorite things to do are playing basketball and going to Ping to work out with some of my new friends from of my mod.  The food here is actually pretty good to!  I was expecting some disgusting mystery meat or something, but its actual food!  My favorite thing to eat is the mac and cheese at shivley.

My least favorite thing here is the fact that I have no A/C.  I live in a single by myself and I only have one window with one small fan.  IT’S AWFUL!!!!!!  I just sit in my room and do nothing but sweat so I have to shower like three times a day. 

Overall though, it’s really not that bad.  There’s a lot of nice people and a lot of nice faculty that just want to help you out.  I’m really happy with my choice in OU and I’m really excited to spend the next few years here.


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