Jeff’s Ohio University LC Blog

I bet you guys are all so stoked to hear about my exciting time at the Ohio university, but in all honesty not to much has happened. We all pretty much have the same classes so i guess theres not really any point in talking about them. Getting adjusted to college life has been a lot easier than i thought. The living with no parents do everything on your own kinda lifestyle is pretty damn nice, mainly because your living with no parents and doing everything on your own. I guess i have not really felt the homesick effect yet, because i am pretty content as is with how I have been living. besides the whole doing your own laundry part (seriously i need help). I still try to follow my same routine from home through small things like watching the Reds, working out, and sleeping in as late as i can. The weeks so far are nice, while the weekends are nicer. I am just waiting for that day where i get crammed with work because i know that is is coming, it always does and thats when my view on college might just change a bit. I think the weirdest part is that there are so many people that you have no idea who they are, unlike in high school where almost everyone knew everyone. I guess this isn’t really a blog entry, more of like my intro paragraph of college. Hopefully next time i will have something more exciting to write about.

Jeff Coad


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