Hey it’s Jamie and I’m blogging

I picked the most uneventful week to blog about, because I’ve mostly been swamped with homework and studying. I’m a procrastinator, so it took me a lot longer than I should’ve. But getting used to living in a dorm has been getting easier. My roommate and I get along, and while she’s almost never here, I can’t really complain. She’s got a lot of friends here from high school, it’s been fun meeting them. A close friend of hers has a house that he lets us use whenever we want, and I go out to lunch with some freshmen that she knew often.

As for outside my dorm, I mostly try to meet people in the clubs that I go to, since we share the same interests. This makes me spend a lot of time in Baker, since that’s where most of my clubs are, and coincidentally it’s where I meet a lot of people, even if on accident. I went out to dinner with a girl I met on Tuesday to get to know her, which has been nice since I’m not the most outgoing of people.

Other than that, I mostly like to ride my bike around campus. It’s a nice way to get a feel for where everything is, and it’s an easy workout doing something I enjoy. Mostly, I like to ride at night, since it’s cooler and there aren’t as many people around; it’s much more relaxing.


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