The transition from home life to college life was essentially the same.  Messing room, a gnarly diet and many, many hours of slumber.  Living with my roommate was also a smooth transition.  From what I can tell he was raised well.  Skating, soccer and alternative music are some of our common interests.  We had not bickered and had no problems thus far.  I had my own room for the majority of my adolescence and am not one of those immature teenagers who need their own room.  A deep and fruitful friendship is ahead of my roommate and myself.

Ping is where I reside most.  The weight room is my home away from home away from home. A mate from high school has taken on the task of training and sculpting my body.  The process has proven enjoyable.  I also dabble in the art of long-boarding.  In my old town long-boarding was actually illegal.  Routinely senile, frail old women would call the cops on us.  At OU, it is embraced and has the perfect swells for it.  When it comes to swells, Jeff and Morton hill are as daring, unique and suave as them come.  They are perfect just like OU.

It is a close call, but the weekends are the grandest part of the week.  Night life on the weekends is the easiest way to meet new, whacky friends.  My roommate’s sister has an apartment and welcomes us with open arms.  It is a splendid, perfect place to start off the Friday and Saturday nights.



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