Are you there Randy? It’s me, Mikayla.

So. Blogging. I hope you are all ready for the spectacular words I’m about to drop your way regarding my first weeks at OU. You might want to make sure you are sitting down. First week here my roommate and I got lost in the “Dirty South” in the rain and wandered around for way longer then necessary. The second week is a bit of a blur, all I remember is getting lost in Morton trying to find IArt and getting extremely angry at the ATM. The last two weeks have been great though, my floormates are sheer perfection and people here don’t judge which is nice because the people in the town I come from thought I was weird as shit. This week has been pretty good though, except that today I thought my Latin class started at nine instead of nine forty and was sitting there alone for while. So that is my life here in a nutshell and edited for all you kiddies who couldn’t handle my life in it’s raw form. Ha just kidding. My life is pretty PGteen so far. Well I guess that’s it. Stay tuned for next week’s blog, and don’t change that channel!


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