The Past Few Weeks of Kaylie Cole

I am absolutely in love with everything about college! It’s a blast getting to meet new people everywhere I go and there’s always something to do, plus our football team is pretty good. The football game on Saturday was a blast, what a game! GO BOBCATS! 

This past weekend, I went to bed early both Friday night and Saturday night, because I had club softball tryouts the following mornings at eight a.m. Only six out of twenty-five girls made it…. And I was one of them! We had a little cook out on Sunday to celebrate and to get everyone on the team together so we could meet the girls that were returners. It was so much fun! We sat around and laughed and ate some amazing food (and Loaded Baked Potato Pizza from Courtside, YUM!) But this past weekend has definitely been the best one at Ohio University so far! 

But throughout the week, I try to study hard and to stay on top of everything in my classes, I cannot fall behind. I know this because I took many classes at the branch of Ohio University near me, Eastern. While taking those courses during my high school days, I successfully eliminated all my English courses besides Junior Comp. and my first Health Edu. class. I’m so very thankful to have gotten to take those classes for free and further my education in that way. 

The last UC class we had really opened my eyes about the Study Abroad Program. I went to Walter Hall for more information and I’m planning on talking to my parents about it this weekend when I go home. I’m really looking forward to it and I hope they think it’s a good idea!

P.S. Thanks Taylor for opening my eyes on the program!!Image


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