First Weeks of College by Nora Kornelakis

            The past few weeks here at OU have been a lot of fun for me. It is a definitely a big change from what I am normally use to. It can sometimes be a little stressful but I am hoping that is just all part of the adjustment to college. I can’t wait till I actually get a hang of things and learn to manage my time better and really start enjoying everything OU has to over. The amount of organizations and programs this school has to offer is so overwhelming I want to do everything!

Other than being busy with school and clubs I have been very busy with working.  My morning shifts at work suck. I hate waking up early, but I love where I work and the people I work with! I work in Baker doing reservations with Event Services I basically just answer the phone all day and schedule conferences. Sometimes there is the occasional special event that gets scheduled through our office, so sometimes working there is very informative, I get to see what events are going on and where before anyone else knows about it.

Classes are going well, I haven’t had one class that I absolutely love so far though, but then again they are all just mostly general classes. I really enjoyed the presentation Taylor gave us about going abroad. I have always been interested in studying abroad but I didn’t realize how many different ways we could go about studying abroad. I am really excited to pursue that here at OU.

 I’m glad we had a short week of classes. I had a great weekend with my friends and I even got to see my little cousin play in a soccer tournament. I have an aunt that works here at the university so she lives really close so sometimes it’s really nice to step away from the college atmosphere and relax with my family, so I definitely think that was the highlight of my weekend. I also tried Courtside Pizza for the first time since I have been here and I have to say it is a lot better than Good Fellas in my opinion. 



After my little cousin won her soccer game.



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